Oil Overfilled final outcome.

Just an update to say that the oil overfilled 135R has now been resolved.

After a meeting with the Lotus dealership principal, service manager and a technical engineer from Lotus cars I am now happy with the outcome and will be using the dealer for future services etc.
My trust has been restored with this dealership and I would like to thank all at the meeting for listening to my concerns and acting accordingly to resolve the matter.


what has been done to satisfy you then ? In particular trust in the dealer… how they going to make sure the mekky pays attention in future??


Glad you are happy with the result.

From the tone of your post, I gather that your words have been agreed between the parties, & that you “can’t” say how the the matter “was resolved”. That’s fair enough, I suppose, but…

Hope all is now fine, & that you have no further issues to spoil your enjoyment of a great sportscar

Don’t mind telling you guys the result…
After about 45mins of talking with the Lotus technician and the dealership principal / service manager, we all agreed the car had been overfilled with oil, the only thing we could not agree on was the actual amount.So with that the dealership changed the oil and filter whilst I was present along with the Lotus engineer to make sure there was no problems with faulty length dipsticks etc.They agreed the car had been overfilled and have offered me my 9000 mile service free of charge, and also I have the right to attend and watch the service being carried out (which I will do as a matter of interest!!) Lotus have also given me extra warranty on the car should any defects occur regarding oil seals / cat etc. I have recieved this in writing from the dealership and now await the official letter from Lotus themselves. I have to say that I was very pleased with the way I was treated as a customer, however I did point out right at the start of the meeting that all I was after was some honesty over the matter and to resolve it asap, which they did, so I can only say thanks again to them.

Thanks Steve.

I’m soooo glad you got the extra warranty - just make sure it will be transferrable if you decide to sell the car before the warranty expires

Happy motoring

Sounds like a fair result. I think I’d be relatively happy with that. Good job, glad you’re happy.


Cheers Steve

Fair result by the sound of it and in a reasonable world its nothing less than should be expected.

OTOH If I was an unreasonable chappie then i’d have wanted them to strip and rebuild the engine, replacing oil seals and CAT… so it has worked out fair on all parties… and you have the insurance of extra warranty… lets hope you don’t need it. (BTW what’s the terms of extra warranty??)

Real glad to hear this has been sorted out now Steve.
Sounds decent enough if they are to extend the warrenty to cover the seals etc… along with the free 9k service.

Like you said - I would go there and spectate as well.

Hope now that they can get things like this right the first time round.

Speak to you soon.

Thanks for all your sensible comments about this issue, I am sometimes embarrased at owning an elise when I read some of the comments on the elise bbs.
Anyway, ellomotto where are these pictures of my old baby with the exige sunstrip fitted? Nice to hear from you mate.

btw Steve

did they suggest how it ended up over filled to this extent in the first place??

Rox, That was the issue that we never agreed on, I still think the oil was not drained at all and a further quantity of oil dumped on top, although they are adament they drained it out. I asked them if they were agreeing that the car was smoking because of it being overfilled and they said “yes”, I then asked them how much oil I had supplied them, they answered with “5 litres sir with which we returned you the 1 litre bottle”, I then asked the Lotus technician how much oil the “K” series held, he replied “4.5 litres inc. oil filter” so I replied " how then could your mechanic have overfilled my car, as he only had 4 litres to put in it?" It was obvious at this point they realised that there story didn’t stack up, if as they told me the mechanic had drained the oil then it would have been impossible to have overfilled it with 4 litres, but they had all sat there and admitted that the car was overfilled.
So all in all we couldn’t agree on how the car was overfilled but we all agreed that it had been overfilled!!
When I questioned the sump bung seal marks being in line I was told that they would always torque it the same so therefore would always line up the same!!! Still can’t see that myself, well not to be that precise.
Anyway the car seems just fine and I have just treated myself to a sports exhaust which I will be fitting MYSELF this weekend. Many thanks for all your advice regarding this issue.

Make sure the exhaust gaskets fit well. I ended up with a good slug of ‘gas’ recently whilst driving my car with a blowing gasket for a number of hours!