Oil Filter Wrench.

Just a quick question,

What sort of oil filter wrenches do you use?

Ive been under mine for the last 2 hours (unsuccesfully) trying to remove the thing from the mounting.

I know space is a little limited… To say the least! but Ive been trying with a normal chain type one which Ive use on all my cars for about the last 8 years and had no problems but this one is welded tight I think.

Any help appreciated before I go and buy several different ones to try.


Is the engine cold? A trick I’ve just on a sump plug (admitedly on an Escort) is to heat the area around the plug (I used a small blow torch for a few seconds) which then expands more than the plug and hey presto easier to move. It may work on your filter. Or you could try starting the engine for a minute to two.

There’s always the screw driver through the middle!

Bodge Boy Ian

If its that tight, a large screwdriver punched through it need the housing end should shift it, beware its messy !!

I have chain types and also the 3 claw spider that grips the ends, this sometimes works ok if the wrap round type dont.

I find that the belt type is the best, but I haven’t undone yet the Exige’s one.

Thanks lads,

Ive given up for today… Its gone a bit dark all of a sudden!

The chain type Ive got as soon as I used it put a hole in the filter casing so Ive already got covered a few times
The screwdriver trick was going to be my next step but didnt want to do too much damage just in case it really is stuck so that it would give me chance to try one of the belt types while the filter still resembled a filter!!!

I’ll see what devices I can lay my hands on tomorrow but I think the belt type is looking favourite.

Thanks Again

Looks like Im on the bus again in the morning

If it is a rubber belt and you have oil on the filter housing then forget it, it will not grip !!

I wouldn’t use a blowtorch if you have oil spilt, either !!

Use the engine to get heat into it, if it is not leaking too much, and then get plenty of leverage and watch the manifold - it’s gets very hot…

The blowtorch one was definately a no no,
Might have been ok though if I hadnt decided to cover everywhere in oil!

I dont really fancy starting it up either because theres the slight problem of no oil. Most of its on the drive

If I cant find something tomorrow, my big screwdriver looks very promising!

OK - try a hair drier to get some heat in there - but whatever you do, don’t tear all the metal on the filter, or you will have an even more difficult job

I meant the one with a leather belt, that tightens as you apply torque, and doesn’t deform the casing as the chain ones do.

I wouldn’t use a blowtorch if you have oil spilt, either !!

I’m with you Mike, I withdraw the suggestion now I know there’s oil there!


I use a large pair of pliars - from Halfords - they lock onto the filter and are serrated - yes you mess up the filter but it works every time for me - and I always tighten the filter real tight … chains, straps, 3 pointed things all failed - these worked no problem …

Your aleways welcome to borrow - there in my garage - I’m in Holland but if you want em call my cell …

I use one similar to this. I fought with mine on the Exige for 3 hours with the strap-type wrenches. I then went and bought one of these and the filter was off within 20 seconds.

Oil Filter Wrench

Certainly enough to make your eyes water…

Thanks, I think AndyD uses the same one’s.

I popped into Halfords on the way home last night and got myself some… The cheapest ones in there too. �8.99

Going to tackle it in the morning

Ive also borrowed a few other types off a various mates so with all that hardware Im armed and ready for action.

Let you know how it goes

I’ve done it…At last

After 3 days the filter is finally off. Must be a world record I think!

Id definately recommend the pliars to anybody.
Was still a stubborn git though and came off after a few attempts with an almighty squeal. The filter casing actually started to buckle and twist before it loosened.

Rubber seal not oiled when it was put on me think Oh well its done now.

Its up on power to. The old oil was absolutely disgusting and I reckon the mobil 1 motorsport Ive put in is worth its weight in Gold

Thanks again gents

What would I do without you all