Oil filter stuck HELP

Doing my first oil chance BUT cant shift the filter even with a chain type wrench.
I’v e now punctured it so have a problem .
Do I remove the oil cooler connection to get more access?/

as long as you haven’t actually ripped the filter casing, i reckon you should go along to Halfords (or similar) and get an alternative tool for th ejob – do a search on here because we discussed this before…

Yep a chain wrench doesnt work - you need the “big pliers” type so you can really grip and turn in one go - Halfords do them and they work really well if you grip the filter close to the top.

BTW - when you put the new filter on make sue its really tight, seems obvious but its difficult to get a grip and I always find I can do another 1/8 turn when I’ve let the blood come back into my arm …

OK of to Helfrauds to get the “gripper type”
I need a direct line to them
I still love the bloody thing though!!

Thanks Andy the big pliers did the job first time BUT that little begger was definitely NOT finger tight wow!!
Anyway thanks all for your comments ,back on the road again
See 'Ya

Also the “quick and dirty” way to get them off is to stick a screw driver through the filter body and use that to lever it off!

Works a treat if you don’t have a chain / pliers / uber arms