Oil Coolers


I’ve got a S2 2004 model, with no oil coolers (at least I can’t see any). How much work is it to fit them… as I assume that the pipe work via the sills aren’t there either if there is not one fitted?
Found some other threads with pictures, etc, but they all relate to adding a second cooler, and not installing a first (and then second) cooler?



I would imagine it would cost a lot to retro fit them to the original place because as you say you have to route the pipes throuh the sills.

However I am sure someone will come along and say the Lotus solution is not the best and they have a better solution.

The pipes through the sills are not installed for earlier Exiges without coolers and I think it would be very difficult to fit them. The Lotus parts would also be pretty expensive - 2 x �300 for the coolers + �180 or so for the sandwich plate + all the pipes and fittings. This gives an idea of all the bits involved:

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I think it would be cheaper and easier to look at an alternative solution using a cooler mounted in the offside side vent - there is plenty of room in there. This company http://www.thinkauto.com/ could sell you all the bits you would need, although I think it would be a clam off job. Someone on here was talking about doing just this a while back.


I don’t have any front mounted oil cooler either. I did a few track days last summer and didn’t have any problems with overheating, but I’m installing an oil pressure and temp gauge before this years outings, just to keep a closer eye on it.

I thought I’d be better spending a fraction of the money on the gauge, and only go for the coolers if they are actually necessary.

What do people think of these then:
EliseParts Water Cooler


If you don’t have the front mount oil cooler, you already have an oil/water heat exchanger.

rather than retro fit the cooler. isnt it a beter idea just to use a top notch oil such as silkolene. i always seem to read about oilman raving about it on these pages

Surely the track running temperature isnt going to get anywhere near the oils maximum operating temperature.

ive always wondered if these oil coolers were a gimmick or a necessity.

also surely your tyres would have melted on track before the oil becomes an issue

Mine doesnt have any either, Tbh, Im not that overly concerned about it and I track it very regularly. Im never out on track for more than 30 mins in any one go and I have been doing an oil and filter chanage every 2- 2.5k depending on what I haev been doing. The oil looks still very clean at this point (you would actually think it was new).

Thing I personally dont like with having the coolers mounted where they are is that the oil in them is not flushed when the service is carried out, and it apparenlty is a ball-ache to do it. Way I see it, doing it this way you will ultimatley get old oil mixing with the new stuff unless you are prepared to empty and flush them out yourself…

I will be putting an oil temp gauge in sometime soon but Im pretty confident that the oil is not getting hot enough to the point of degradation for the maount of time it is in the engine. If it looks like it will require an oil cooler then I will look to place it in the spare intake as mentioned above keeping the pipe runs as short as possible so it can be flushed easily when carrying out the oil chnages.