Oil coolers- do i have one?

I have a 2005 S2 Exige with touring pack, but gather at some time oil coolers were fitted as standard. How do I know if i have one?


have a looky in the front wheel arch, towards the front - should see some vents in the plastic and behind them a mini radiator type device. That’s yer oil cooler.

Can’t see a radiator so guess i don’t have one.

Thanks anyway.

As far as I know, ALL Exige mk2 have (at least) one front mounted oil cooler. I have an '05 with no “extra packages”, and I for sure have one. Next time you have the front left wheel off, remove the front part of the wheel arch liner and you will see your little oil cooler! On the right hand side of the car, piping is prepared for connecting a second oil cooler (as in the Performance pack).
/Falan (Sweden)

2004 cars without performance/sport options dont have front mounted oil coolers. Instead they use the standard Toyota engine oil to coolant heat exchanger. I’m not in any hurry to change this as it helps heat the oil up when you start the engine so for an everyday driver it results in less engine wear and I can cane it a bit sooner too.

Nothing on my 2004 at all got to pay to have one fitted for the S/C conversion

You might find this thread useful - it has some photos of the coolers and the relevant page from the workshop manual


And, as far as I know, Plans Motorsport are the only people to be able to retro-fit the factory oil coolers to non-cooler cars…

Hangar 111 retro fitted twin oil coolers to my car. Mine was an early 2005 car without any coolers and I was having problems with overheating on summer track days.

How much did it cost ( if you don’t mind me asking)?

How much did it cost ( if you don’t mind me asking)?

Start with not cheap, and then work upwards. Best speak to Hangar 111 or Plans and they’ll give you a quote.

Plans fitted me twin coolers last year as I too had overheating issues on hot track days.

Excellent job, not cheap though. search the archives, there was a thread on it last year.


I have a couple of plans first then will need to add these.

many thanks.