Oil consumption

I’ve noticed that the oil level drops very quickly when on a track day. I have had the oil and filter changed to get to a point where I can measure how much is used.I’ve worked out that it is using a litre every 550 miles of road use, and considerably more if used on the track, possible as low as 250 miles.I’ve spoken to the dealer who has booked the car in, but when questioned about the warrantly covering any work required, I’ve been told that these consumption levels may be acceptable as defined by the factory.Has anyone had any experience of this? I’ve checked the threads and noticed Brendan had a similar problem, but wondered if anyone has a definitive answer as to expected oil consumption?Any help appreciated, car goes to the dealer on Monday.

A litre for a big, fun track day is to be expected.A little every 500 road miles is a bad sign.

Thanks Matthew, I guess what I’m really asking is if anyone has had this sort of problem fixed under warranty.I’ve only had the car two months, bought with 6k miles on it, currently up to 10.5k miles. With a Lotus warranty, what�s the chance of them fixing this FOC?

Question is what happens to the oil on a track day … ?Its seems reasonable to assume that the engine is burning it… which can do it no good as it leans off the mixture.I’m sure that for track day use the breather modification with a catch tank is an absolute must, otherwise all the vent from the top of the engine goes straight into the inlet ports.

quote:Originally posted by Miniman:… otherwise all the vent from the top of the engine goes straight into the inlet ports. Which it does and makes a nasty sticky mess in your throttle bodies !!!

Phil Did you ever get pictures of where the catch tank officially fits ??If yes could you mail them to me ?[email protected]