Oil consumption

Anyone finding their oil level dropping after hard-use, or indeed any use?Maybe it’s a characteristic of the state of tune, but mine seems to be using up to half a litre per track day. Although it wasn’t exactly clean to start with, I noticed a change in colour at the rear, from genuine mud-brown, to a distinctly darker oil-black.During normal road use, the consumption doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad, so it might be to do with prolonged high revs.

I’ve not taken mine on a track yet, so can’t comment.Have you considered fitting an oil-cooler?

An oil cooler was top of my upgrade list, but last I heard, Lotus haven’t yet provided this option.I know of third party ones, but wouldn’t like to risk the warranty, especially if the engine is not 100%

Apparently the engine spills/leaks oil as a result of persistent high speed cornering. Not sure how, must be the breather pipe or similar. I have found oil drops on the drive after pushing it around a bit.The availability of a “1 ltr Alloy breather catch tank” from Lotus might lend some support to this theory.

That’s correct Ken, which is why breather catch-tanks are fitted with the 190 upgrade (well mine was anyway)Kenton, does your have one too ?

must confess haven’t looked. bigger problem with losing fuel at the moment. will have a look tom

Losing fuel ?Anything bad ?

the pipe from the filler cap to the tank has come lose. Every time i fill the car all the fuel in the pipe pours out of the bottom of the car until it finds it’s level at the hight of the tank. car being collected monday. Lotus AA were as useful as a chocolate fire guard.

I understand that the breather catch tank is not part of the 190 upgrade…any more stories of using oil…Im down a litre in 3,500 miles…is this normal?

No, the catch tank IS part of the 190 bhp upgrade I’m assured.But then… it was a dealer who told me… [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]

According to the factory…and they are speccing and pricing a 190 upgrade for me…its not!!!

Hmm. Odd. Cos my car came with one.I thought the catch tank WAS part of the 190 upgrade, as they re-routed the breather pipes to it after removing the charcoal cannister (which is part of the 190 upgrade no ?)Well, if that’s the case, how much is the catch tank ?Either way, get them to include it in the price [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]

breather pipes and catch tank are not part of the 190 upgrade…at least not the “new” 190 upgrade kit. I take it this means that it is not necessary to have these items to achieve the 190 figure…but it does not mean that they are not beneficial…apparently the only difference between the new and old kit is the exclusion of the motorsport cat with a cat replacement pipe…but this might have been spec’d by those upgrading anyway as the ms cat was a whopping @�750!

When an engine runs high rpm for prolonged periods the crank case pressure builds. This crank case pressure is caused by combustion pressures passing the rings (yes it happens with a new engine, but gets higher as the rings wear), thus the higher the rpm, the more compression stokes, the higher the crank case pressure. This crankcase contains oil, which under hard load vaporises, and joins the pressurised gases in the crank. Normal cars will vent the crankcase into the intake of the engine, and I believe this might be the case with the 177 Exige, this allows the gases to be re-burnt by the engine, and emitted via the cat, something to do with pollution rules. This will takes a small amount of bhp (.5 - 1 bhp hardly noticeable on a rolling road), because the engine will be breathing non-clean air. This crank case gas can be vented to the atmosphere, but remember this will contain vaporised oil, so an oil catch tank is added to stop your engine bay being covered by an oil film. If crank case pressure is not vented the seals will blow! (normally rocker cover).I hope this helps a little to explain why a high reving engine uses oil, (because it blows it out in gas form from the crankcase).Chris.

There are now in fact 2 190bhp upgrade kits.LOTAC05093 inc MotorSport CatLOTAC05244 inc Cat Replacement PipeNiether of these kits contain any breather pipes or catch tanks.For more info visit www.m250.co.uk

quote:Originally posted by Jaffa:For more info visit www.m250.co.uk I couldn’t find any more information … or was that just a shameless plug on the back of another website ? [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]

Shameless Plug!

Oh Sh1t!!! I’ve just checked my oil level. The dipstick was dry! It took three litres to bring it back up to the maximum. That’s some serious consumption in two weeks of normal (hard) road use. I wonder how much damage has been done? The engine seems to be running fine, but I guess it must have suffered excessive wear. Check your oil guys.[This message has been edited by Brendan (edited 21 May 2001).]

My car religiously uses 0.5 litre of oil per track day, which the factory has assured me is normal. As to oil discolouration, you shouldn’t get that with descent oil, especially as the car isn’t even turbo’d. You will be aware if you’ve read your owner’s manual that Lotus only specifies two engine oils for the Exige: Mobil 1 Motorsport and Castrol RS. Given that Castrol RS was withdrawn by Castrol some time ago and all stocks were recalled from resellers, that leaves only one oil that you can use if you value your warranty. Mobil 1 Motorsport is probably the best oil on the market, but it’s very pricey, so if you’re getting discolouration to that extent, I would check that your garage haven’t used something cheap and nasty.PS Dave: I think the original kits maybe included the catch tank etc., but they don’t now. Mine certainly didn’t, so I’ve had to order the parts separately (which incidentally are out of stock at Lotus, and have been for some time now). [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/frown.gif[/image][This message has been edited by Tony Whitter (edited 22 May 2001).]

As an upgraded 340R owner I can agree with Tony with regards track day oil consumption - Mine uses exactly 0.5 litres of Castrol RS on a track day of up to 240 miles.What I can’t agree with is his comments regarding the availability of Castrol RS(10W 60). As far as I can ascertain this oil is still in production and still available. Demon Tweeks have got lots of it in stock at time of writing. Castrol RS is the factory specified oil for my new M5 as well as being used by Lotus Development and by their press cars (and they get hammered) so I use it in my Lotus for convenience and can report no problems. Mobil 1 race is an excellent alternative though.The catch tank for the 340R is a dinky little aluminium number which was introduced into the accessory list later, the original 340R track spec car used the redundant (but relocated) washer fluid bottle as catch tank. This might be a good alternative as :a) You can see if its fullb) It can be easily removed from its bracket for emptying.For the record the catch tank contained about 2mm of gunk in it after 12 months and 4500 track miles. If your catck tank is filling with oil then this indicates a problem. I have heard the odd owner complaining that their engine was spraying oil everywhere but in my opinion their engine is sh*gged.(Having said that, my car is fitted with an oil cooler)RegardsPeter [email protected] http://www.340r.net - information for owners and enthusiasts.[This message has been edited by Peter Crook (edited 22 May 2001).][This message has been edited by Peter Crook (edited 22 May 2001).]