Oil Change

Anyone know where I can get some Castrol RS 10w 60 today? Halfrauds don’t do it

Also is there a recommended oil filter or is the standard Rover/Halfrauds one ok?


Rover filter is OK I would steer clear of Fram etc I think a Halfrauds branded one is OK at least I’ve used them once or twice …

If you cant get Castrol they do Mobil 1 Motorsport which is OK for a couple of track days …

hey steve, if your looking for oil in a hurry i would recommend the demon tweeks website. They have motul, castrol RS, etc etc and can ship for next day delivery.

…i would recommend the demon tweeks…

Isn’t there a law against that on Exiges?!

Is there a specific sump bolt seal I need?

Erm, the one you have already.
Just reuse it.

I thought it should be changed each time, but if I can get away without then fine.

TBH I would change the aluminium washer or at least make sure its flat ( use some emery cloth on a flat plate) - you shouldnt use too much muscle to tighten it up either

oops! i just thouhgt i would give my opinion. Im not affiliated with the company, it was just the only place i could get it quickly around here in glasgow!! Sorry if i have been cheeky

Hmmm, let me put it this way, do you think Lotus changes it on a service?

As long as it’s there and looks ok, it’s ok.

Don’t care, I don’t go to dealers for service

Hmmm, let me put it this way, do you think Lotus changes it on a service?

Always used to charge me for one on the itemised bill so of course they MUST have fitted one