Oil Change

I use my car for track time only (not street legal in the States). I’m looking for opinions on oil change intervals. How many track days would you recommend doing before changing the oil. I’m running Redline 15W50.


Hey Man,

I change mine after every track event (1 or two day). I consider it cheap insurance:)

btw, don’t you have motorsport brakes? If so, do you have a dust shield on your front brakes (item 9 in the parts catalog page 33.01)?


ps. I use Mobil 1.

Yep change it for every track day, as Roy says its cheap insurance.

Hey Roy

Yep - I have the Motorsport brakes and all related suspension mods (from the factory).

As far as the dust shield, do you have a picture of what you mean? From memory, I don’t have dust shields, but I’d like to see what you are talking about.

Roy, I do not have the dust shield (you meant item 10, right?) Maybe we have different version of the parts book.

Mine is Jan '00.

#9 on the attached photo:




Nope - don’t have dust shields.

Hmmm. We definitely have different version of the manual. What a drag!