Oil Change with Coolers fitted???

I was browsing the handbook as I approach the first full service on the car and noticed a comment that if coolers are fitted the oil capacity nearly doubles but only the stuff in the engine gets changed normally. I can understand why but just interested what people think of this compromise? Any thoughts?

This has always struck me as really odd too - effectively only half the oil ever gets changed so after a service you engine contains a mix of new and old, possibly very thrashed oil. There is something in the service manaul about how to change the oil in the cooler circuit, but it only deems this to be needed after the oil may have become contaminated, e.g. after a major engine blow up. Can’t understand the rationale for this myself - perhaps someone who knows more about modern synthetic oils could comment. Bob?


If you use a modern synthetic oil which is designed to be run for 20K miles in a tin top and you change it every 9K miles in your average Exige then I’m sure the deterioration in oil quality will not be significant.

If you run your car on track regularly you should be servicing your car on the more strict service regime anyway.

It is a bit lame though.

What concerns me more is the long term implications of this. In year 2 you will have 50% new and 50% 1 yr old oil. after the second main service you will have 50% new 25% 1 yr old and 25% 2 yr old oil etc. etc. This would mean that the percentage of oil contaminants would just keep going up every year. I think I will insist on a total oil change every 3rd service (I don’t do that many miles).

I just changed the oil on my S1 and changed to a thicker grade as it’s done nearly 50k on 0W 40 and it’s pissing out the back (smoke and soot).

I thought exactly the same. I was in a bit of a rush to get it done so after trying a couple of times to find a spanner to release the bottom cooler hose I gave in (yes I know - tosser etc… just couldn’t get any room to turn the chuffer).

I resorted to propping up the front of the car while it was on two trolley jacks (placed in the middle at either side) and hoping that I would get most of it to run to the back of the car. It seemed to get a bit more out but not loads.

Change your oil every 4k miles problem solved

Change your oil every 4k miles problem solved

Technically problem halved If you are going to double yur spend on oil it’s probably better to change it all half as often so you know exactly where you’re up to.