Ohlins Pics

Hi All

Does anyone have any images of Ohlins reservoirs mounted under the front access panels and on the rear backstays? I understand you need to swap the fronts over to get the length on the hoses and need to soften the wheel arch liners to form them over the hoses. Haven’t looked under the access panels. I assume there is something to secure them to and at the rear I guess I have to cut the finisher panels to mount them on the backstays? Would be nice to see some pics? I quickly trawled through the builds threads but didn’t spot any mounted there?

Thanks in advance guys.


Not what you asked for but mine are fitted to the wishbones on my S2.

Apologies these aren’t great - phone camera lens broken!

Not Öhlins, but my Bilsteins are mounted from factory like this.

Hopefully helpful. Can take better if need be, car is tucked up in garage at minute;

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Wow talk about tidy, mine doesn’t look like that :joy:

Thanks guys, had issues with the fact the the banjo unions were not at a favourable angle coming off the reservoirs and shocks but managed to get them to the upright portion of the backstays and hidden behind the panels. If my engine bay was that clean mine would be on show as well! Haven’t done the fronts yet, hoping that there is enough room to get them through the wheel arches to that structure otherwise the fronts will end up on the wishbones. On the rears I couldn’t manage to feed the hose in a decent loop to avoid the wheels and put them on the wishbones as per Ohlins manual. Once gain thanks for the images. :clap: :clap: