Official Lotus Club Trackday Bedford 10th March

DUDES! he he heJust got an email from Clare at OLC - trackday at Bedford Aerodrome on 10th March, open pitlane, 2.3 mile circuit, 5 laps in f2000 car, free instruction!Most importantly, FREE brek brek and 2 course lunch!! JEEEEZUS! What a deal!OLC Members �185Non OLC Member �205Guests �20So if you wanna come along and get your butt severely kicked by an EVO 7, call Clare on 01953 608348 or email her [email protected] see y’all there!

I hope there’ll be some exiges here…Clare tells me there is little interest from the hardcorePesky, can you spunk 'em up a bit?!?

quote:Originally posted by miketurn:Pesky, can you spunk 'em up a bit?!?Cough, splutter [image][/image] Don’t know what you mean, young man [image][/image]

Anyone on here done Bedford?

Loads of run off, which is always good, but I find it a bit flat and featureless. Good variety of corners though. If you have a 190 with sports exhaust and cat pipe you will have problems with noise.Cheers

Bugger - I knew there was a reason I do not go there - 105db!

Mike, how the devil are you and more importantly how is the motor, all fixed now?Will my car (your old one) be ok noise wise for Bedford?Also did you get my mail the other week re recruitment, if so do not worry i have turned it down.I was at BH on Sunday and had an awesome time trying to emulate your lap you sent me on mpeg. We were making a film for track day beginners and yes the motor features loads in it. I managed a cracking lap at the end, just waiting on the vid and i will send you a copy? Mark.