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Hot off the press from Lotus PR, Thanks Guys!

Lotus arrives in M�xico
Lotus Cars Ltd, manufacturers of the world renowned high performance sportscars, is pleased to announce that it is to sell and distribute Lotus cars in Mexico through its newly appointed official importer, Deportivos Britanicos de Mexico.
Lotus is world renowned for its long tradition and success in Formula 1 during the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s with drivers like Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti , Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet, Moises Solana, H�ctor Rebaque and Pedro Rodr�guez among others. Lotus has won the Mexican Grand Prix on several occasions with Jim Clark in 1963 and 1967, and Graham Hill in 1968.
Lotus has decided to enter the Mexico market with Deportivos Britanicos de Mexico prior to the launch the Lotus Elise in USA.
Deportivos Britanicos de Mexico will unveil the Lotus Elise during the Autoshow 2003 in Mexico City in December this year, and will immediately be taking orders the Elise currently available in Europe: the Elise 111S and the Lotus Sport Elise 111 (which can achieve the 0-100km/h in 5.1 sec).
Deportivos Britanicos de Mexico has the expertise of more than 70 years selling cars in Mexico, and it has is regarded as one of the most important and influential automotive groups in the country. The group has been responsible for the arrival of many of the British and premium car brands into Mexico. The Group pride themselves in excelling in customer satisfaction and understanding customers’ needs and expectations.
Lotus Cars Ltd has confirmed importance of the Mexican market by giving full support to Deportivos Britanicos de Mexico in the whole territory, both in sales and after-sales service.
Deportivos Britanicos de Mexico, which is made up of a team of car enthusiasts will develop a dealer network to take care of customers all around the country. The starting point will be Santa Fe in Mexico City, followed by Guadalajara and Monterrey.
Automotive enthusiasts recognise Lotus’ importance in motorsport history, and have been looking forward to Lotus cars being sold in the Mexican market for some time.
Lotus will also launch a Motorsport Race series in Mexico titled the “Lotus Championship”. This championship will be aimed at amateur drivers, with the added benefit that the race-cars can also be driven on the road, thus making it a sensible investment for both competitors and customers alike.

So,amigo, a race series tailored made for you

just has to get his exige across the pond now…

That’s shocking news!

I’m happy for my fellow friends over there (but they won’t have the Exige )
Still, I can’t see the car being so enjoyable over there, all B roads have speed bumps, nad fairly tall ones, that the car wouldn’t pass.

It would mean that if I ever go back, there would be less of a problem on taking my car over there.
But as far as I can see, I’ll be around here, I fell in love with Scotland

But as far as I can see, I’ll be around here, I fell in love with Scotland

That must make you a mexscotian

That must make you a mexscotian

or a SCOXICAN ???

Or a “Mexijock”.