NYLOC + The Motorist visit

Finally managed to get over the Pennines to a Nyloc meeting at the Fox and Grapes (Or is it Fix those Gripes?).
And happy to meet our Ringmeister, Andy Bond for the first time. I was so shocked we shook hands twice! Can’t understand why we never came across each other at the wet Anglesey meet last year(It was last year wasn’t it?).
Great turnout for the Nyloc meeting with, I believe, around 30 cars. A good number of S1 Elises, a sprinkling of S2s and a good showing of S3s + an M100, at least one Evora. Plus, a couple of VXs. For once, I took no pics there but 20 mins down the road went to The Motorist, a spectacular venue.
Had my second bacon butty of the day and a good catch-up.

Hey, that’s my 5,000th post! That’s either “sad” or “dedicated”

Good seeing you & Andy today - what a shame it tipped it down but still, good to see a load of Lotus make it.

What a great looking venue :thumbup:

thommo great to meet you as well! You are correct it was a rather soggy Anglesey where we appear to have been like ships passing in the night.

Happy 5000th post!

Was good to meet a random bunch of strangers at a cold, slightly damp car park in the middle of no where.

My son took a few images, and I took a few of exiges.com on your car!

A small amount of rain on the way home but I do like the beading.

:+1:Top beading! Good day out, great to meet you. And thanks for keeping us up and running

Nice meet thommo and andybond

I salute your nothern commitment

Great stuff, glad you could make it gents. I had an 8 hour BBQ cook to attend to so had to give it a miss :laughing:

I can see the Fox and Grapes getting binned off tbh… Coffee, Sarnies and scenery is all far better at the Motorist :confused:

The Motorist is an even longer haul for me, great place though it is. Coffee undoubtedly better at the Motorist but F&G staff are very accommodating, the bacon butties take some beating and they are cheaper!

Thats about an 80 min drive for me but could be tempted one morning for a coffee.

Looks like a fun place to visit!

Had no idea this place existed

Lovely to see a few of the gangs exiges :heart_eyes::smiling_face:

Liking your new green Steve!
See you in a few weeks!!

I hope everone is coming to Lotus in the Peak!
Im psyching myself up for the 4200km drive there and back :crazy_face::see_no_evil:

I always enjoyed the NYLOC meets at The Buckles circa 2008-9 meeting lots of good folk. Good times. Sadly my work took me elsewhere and so I was unable to attend thereafter. Good to hear it is still going strong