Nyloc Euro Tour 2022

Well, it’s finally here, the Nyloc Euro Tour 2022. Postponed from 2020 and from 2021, just as well as I couldn’t have gone on either of the previously cancelled trips.
Bags packed, car fully serviced, recent new clutch (Thanks, Ollie at Phoenix Motorsport). Recently reinsured, European breakdown in place . . . .
And so, Day One tomorrow (Tues) is trip to Bridgwater, Somerset, for overnight stay prior to Plymouth to Santander ferry on Weds. Then Picos . . . Pyrenees and up through France, Germany and onwards to Rotterdam and the ferry home.
A small but select group. I’ll try to update as we go,something I don’t think I have attempted before.

Cleaned, not polished
, but ready for action . . .

That would be great, just wish Steve W would post stuff during a trip. :lolno:

I seem to recall that SJW posts on Facebook :thinking:

You are a hero Steve!

Wish you, and the gang, a super super trip!

It’s a fab route and a great time to be doing it. So wish I could be joining you.

Don’t leave your earphones anywhere!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Enjoy :blush::blush::+1:t2:

Shhhh… don’t mention Facebook :unamused: :smiley:

Hi Pierre, thanks for earphone reminder!
Any chance of you meeting us? Has SJW sent you route details? Could be a bit if a haul for you to catch us. I’ll try to remember to send route to you if I can harness the technology👍

How are you getting on @thommo ?

Just testing pic uploads from mobile then I can maybe help Thommo cos Steve’s added me into their tour WhatsApp group. Pic is from Martin’s BBQ after this year’s Croft day.

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Great trip so far, Andy, and everyone. Will try to post pics


Take a look there

Thank, Paul. But hectic over here with roads to drive, beer to drink and food to eat. Not had time to concentrate on uploading to exiges or elsewhere, for that matter. My best bet will be via iPad I suspect.
Cheers, Thommo

I’m replying via email cos I want to see it appear on here…

[edit: it obviousy adds my email signature so I’ll have to watch out for that!]

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Right, we’re in Carcassone, so a lot’s happened. All of it good. Now with iPad at the ready and free Hotel Campanile WiFi I’ll try to post pics to try to give a flavour of the trip . . . here goes . . .

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Looks wonderful @thommo ! Thanks for taking the time to post. Please keep the images coming!

Thanks, Andy, finally had time and iPad to hand.

iPhone/PC/Mac should be as easy. Any issues - message me!