Nyloc Euro Tour 2022 Part 2

It was all going so well . . . There we were in Carcassone, then off to Brioude and on to La Chaud-du-Dombief which is where it unravelled for me. A misfire started, managed to make hotel. Following day when I should have been heading north to Metzeral, car would not start. It had been low on fuel but called European rescue. Car loaded on to trailer by the glamorous Andrea. Shall we try to start it? Yes, it fires up fine, clear as a bell. Umm . . . Trailered to garage, filled to brim with 98 and off she goes, running like an Exige should. So pointed in the direction of Metzeral, we’re off.
50 k or was it miles, later, misfire starts again in Pontarlier. The Nyloc crew get to work on a McDonald’s car park, plugs removed (very sooty) cleaned, replaced. Car would not start. Recovery trailer summoned, car taken to local garage where it remains awaiting recovery. Unfortunate end to a great trip.

Oh no! Are you covered for recovery back home? :crossed_fingers:

If you’re stranded and it’s something that can be fixed locally with the right bits, happy to FedEx you anything you need from my spares collection (or off my car)! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, thanks for the offer. Thankfully, I’m covered for return of car home. Getting back myself was a bit of a pain, though. Picture of Concorde was at Charles de Gaulle, Paris. Flew into Leeds/Bradford which seemed appropriate to end a Nyloc tour!
Fingers crossed it’s nothing too serious. I suspect running on 95 octane E10 may not have helped as 98 was not always available

News is that it could be 3/4 weeks before the car is back in the UK

Ouch sorry to hear about that ending Thommo. It’s all part of the adventure :slight_smile:

Thanks, Kyle.

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3-4 weeks? Are they razzing around in it in the meantime? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You know why the car broke don’t you @thommo

cough yellow :smile:

Thanks for that! :rofl:

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