Can you please help.

Are the wheel nuts for motorsort wheels really different from the std Exige ones? My research today has led all over the place!

I think they are and am hoping Russ, David, etc can confirm. The ones used for the mags may be the same as S1 Elise (with a conical seat?), where as ours are flat?

Where did you get your nuts? [cue Pesky/mike lane comment!] Is there a Lotus part number?

Thanks in advance


Where do you get that ours are flat?

I have seen mine many times and they are conical.
Maybe the ones for the mags are also conical but with a different slope?

But I’m sure those guys with both (Edwards) would be able to tell us straight away…

Ian,you’re right.There is a difference between the standard wheel nuts and the ones used on the Speedline magnesium wheels.Unfortunately,I’m not certain what that difference is,and I’m not 100% certain who told me (!)…I think it might of been Russel Gibbons in the motorsport dept @ Lotus.

The plot thickens!


The wheelnuts used on the Exige with the standard 12 spoke rimstock wheels use a 60 degree taper - (conical, indeed), rather than the spherical seating used on other elise variants…

Oh, and the correct torque settings are 80-85Nm (59-63 lb.ft)

That’s from my workshop manual, so it may be right…

Splendid! Thanks mike (and no lude remarks about nuts!? )

PLUS info on torque settings, I think you’ve earned some stars!

Now I need to know if the Mags just take the spherical Elise nuts?


I think you may have to ask the squirrel that one…

Oh dear!

Somebody dock him a star!


At least it was clean

Hi Ian,
All I did was go and buy the Elise nuts from my dealer (which are chrome, btw), but the Edwards boyz, being a lot cleverer than me, got new inserts from Speedline so that the Exige nuts can be used. Apparently they just knock out from the rear, but I CBA’d with that, so I now have 2 sets of nuts.

Thanks very much Russ!

I’ll ask Speedline if the inserts are available and what they cost. I already know they are not keen on changing the base product, as that would cause confusion.

Here endth the nut humour.


IDG please let me know what speedline will tell u.
Now i reworked myself some nuts to fit speedlines…



If all these new sets are for Exiges I guess Speedline should put in the right seats for us - makes sense I think as they have to insert them after casting anyway, so not too much hardship for them

I’ll bring it up again but they did say they didn’t want to cause confusion. I’ll see what I can do when they finally get things sorted, no point worrying about inserts until the Italians actually produce the wheels!