Well just got back from a long weekend at the ring.
Damn that place is scary when you 1st go round. Ended up doing most of my laps in the hire car my friend and I picked up in bonn trying to learn the lines, apex’s etc.
Still managed to get a few laps in using the exige and to start off i was hopeless, too fast into too many corners even span it once luckily no damage to the car or the armco.
Top gear were there filming also with Mr Hammond and Sabine, apparently she commented when clarkson took the jag round that she could beat it in a Van, Ford where there with a shiney new Transit for her to try it in. I have the results and several pictures if anyone is interested but didnt want to post them just incase i spoil the result before it airs on top gear in the near future.
Was a fantastic weekend I even managed to remember parts of the circuit, i managed to grab a pax lap with one of the german porsche drivers a fully stripped out GT3, carbon everything, we did a 8.23 which was awesome to sit in. He mentioned hed been round in 7.40 which must be mental.
Best i managed was on sunday which was an 8.50 with atleast 10-20 seconds of slow down due to an accident and huge oil spillage, not sure if that is good for a 1st timer but felt fast to me.
Cant wait to go back.
Again a fantastic weekend.



I think going under 9 mins as a first timer is a very good show…

AndyD ? Mark_A ?

Also, i think you should spill the beanz on Sabine in the Transit Van… if you don’t want to post up hear could you send me a PM ? I can’t wait and might miss the formal BBC airing… I thought the original with Clarkson in the Jag Diesel was great esp Sabine giving him a ribbing… so she needs to do better than 9:59 IIRC…

Just to add there was another English S1 Exige there laser blue I think, Did lots of laps, everytime I went over to say hello he was going out on the track, not sure if he posts on here or not so Hello sorry for missing you.

PM with pictures sent Rox.

A Few pictures of the porker i got a pax lap in.




Hi Quo,

That Porker looks rather nice!

I was thinking of going over this weekend. It sounds pretty mad…Im still a little concerned tho! Was it very busy? What dya do for insurance…?

Weather looks quite nice, Im guaranteed to bring the rain if I go over!
Is that your beast I can see over the top of the Porker…? (2nd from last pic…?) I take it all is running well with the Honder since re-mapping

Any recommendations on places to stay…
Can you just turn up at the ring? Any costs?

Sorry for all the questions!


This site has everything you need to get the most out of a weekend at the ring…or so it seems. There is also a very active mailgroup of ‘ringers’.

Ben Lovejoy ring guide

Hope this helps!

Robert - Thanks.

Yes that is my car in the background, he he i didnt even notice myself
You can just turn up at the ring if you buy a 5 lap ticket which i think is 60 euros works out less than �10 a lap.
I would check to see when its open on a friday. Friday and Saturday are no where near as busy as Sunday, and from my experience over the weekend we ended up leaving at lunchtime on Sunday as there were many accidents and the ring was closed for quite a long time.
The gentleman who drives the porsche will take you out for a lap if you ask him nicely(euros) just be discreet, but it is an experience to go round at race pace, hes there every day except sunday.
Looking forward to going back myself.

Man, I gotta get back to the 'ring! Maybe try for a couple of times this year

Mark A is the man to comment I think he’s lived there, I only had about 600 miles around it - but it sounds reasonable to me on a public day …