Nurburgring weekend

Has nobody read the “Meets and Track day reports” section recently. It seems there’s a very very large group of Lotie going to Germany for the weekend to go and have exclusive use of the Nurburgring for the 2 days. It sounds to be a very cheap trip but there doesn’t seem to be much Exige response to the thread.Is everyone going and have gone straight to the other web site or is nobody up for it???Surly the Exige should be there in force.Come on Guys n Gals, Whose going???Is it worth a bribe to the boss to get the weekend off or would I be in the minority there with all those Elise’s!!![This message has been edited by Dave Kelly (edited 22 January 2003).]

Well, it looks like we will be a minority, but hey, we tried …

I’m going!!! I thought it was an absolute bargain for the amount of track time.

Me too - What a track, its a must doRic

Hi !i will be there as well … RegardsFabian

Guess I’d better try and bribe the boss after all then.Wish me luck!!!Anybody else up for it???[This message has been edited by Dave Kelly (edited 23 January 2003).]

I’ll be there!New look Exige will be ready too, finally booked it in for gold stripes and wheels next week, should be very cool!How about arranging an Exige convoy for the trip out?DJ

Well I think it�s time to get the beast out of it�s winter hibernation!See you all at the ring.P.S. Thanks Fabian.

Hi Jungleman !i am looking forward to see you at the ring ! And also all people that would like to see how fast this car drives with a Honda engine ! RegardsFabian PS:Sean … love to see your new trailer !

Well don�t disapiont Fabian.One of the B.J. BoysSean

Well don�t disapiont Fabian.One of the B.J. BoysSean

I am trying to log onto the web site for details on the Nbgrg weekend but the Mac won,t play ball…anyone post me details of cost , times, meeting etc. and I’ll get organised ([email protected])Tony

New developments here guys,since it’s not sure that the Nurburgring 1/2 March trackdays are going to happen (basically we are all waiting to see the final decision that is coming on the 14th), there is now the alternative of Folenbray in France on the 1st.I have booked myself in this (95% sure) for the case that the 'Ring thing does not happen on the 1st.Read below: SELOC Forums SELOC Forums Cheers,Uldis

Uldis,I’m in for France, still can’t hit the thread for that either, will watch the board for info.