number plates

Question…Is the rear number plate held on with double sided sticky pads. I have just ordered some new plates and want to remove it?Should care be taken when pulling it off?

Hi Scott.They are indeed held on with sticky pads. Just give it a tug from one end and bend the plate back on itself and it will come away quite cleanly. If you struggle get a piece of string behind one edge of the plate and cut it off like a cheese slice type thing.

Hi Scott. Some dealers stick them on and some screw them on as under hard use they can fall off if they are only stuck on. If you have two plastic lugs on the face of the plate, they are screw covers; prise the tops off and unscrew the screws. If you don’t have two plastic lugs on the face, they are almost certainly stuck on with double-sided sticky pads, in which case do what Keenan says. HTH.

Hi Scott - Doesn’t help you, but here’s my number plate story - Put my S reg Elise through an MOT yesterday, and 'cos they need to fail every car on at least one thing, they wanted to fail it on a cracked front number plate - Got off with a warning after much fluttering of eyelids (My wife’s not mine you’ll be glad to hear). Tried to explain that Elise front number plates are meant to be cracked and split, on account of them getting knocked off on every cigarette but and bit of chewing gum left on the road, but they weren’t so sure.All the best

OK, so it messes with your power/weight ratio… but am I the only lazy git who’s glued the new plate on top of the old plate [image][/image](Shame faced)

Thanks Keenan [image][/image]Will do the string thing when I get my new plates.James, those of us who were at the J8 services on the M11 yesterday morning sw a very good example of how the number plate is used to judge how far away (or not!) you are from the kerb… You know who you are LOL [image][/image]