Number Plate

Where can i get a half size front plate made, looked round the net but no joy.

Only want it for shows

Have you tried

They ship from Ireland and therefore don’t need to meet UK regulations.

Stick a Vinyl one on the nose. They don’t affect airflow, and make you harder to get with laser gun.

are they legal?

What is Plods view of Stick on and 3/4 size plates??

A lot of people have driven around with them for years and not been stopped. But I think they are non-standard so plod can pull you over for them and give you a 30 quid ticket for your troubles.

I’ve used stick on ones for 10 years, on different cars, and never been pulled.

Hmmm but where on earth do you get stick-on plates nowdays?


Hi Alan - find a shop with all the components (letters, backing etc…) and pay a fiver.

Order one from for �19 !!! Was delivered in 3 days I think??

direct link Stick on plate page…clickety click click