There were a few Exiges there at the weekend, spoke to one of you briefly at the petrol station in Dover.However, I have been looking for photos of any of the Lotus’s there and came across the following page If you look down there is a nice photo of X1 EXG.My pictures are at No exige pics but some in car video.Mark

Mark,Thanks for the link. We had a great time and would highly recommend it - would be great to see more than four Exiges there next year! [image][/image]Sandra

Mark/SandraWhen is the next outing to the ring??T

We’ve only been when it’s been open all weekend, and prefer it when it’s not raining, so it will probably be next year now. The calendar for next year doesn’t seem to be out yet, but this year I think the first long weekend was at the end of March. At a guess, we’re expecting to go out again around Easter - I’ll post something when we know.Sandra

Was there in September with Scuderia Handseat - it was just perfect with no coaches or motorbikes … and one lap to yourself [image][/image]Looking forward to some time there next year so keep us posted Thanks