Novice track day

Hi, just been a run up to knockhill and signed up for my first track day. The car’s standard apart from the cat replacement pipe, will it be ok on the track?

I was up there this morning watching the bikes, were you up in the Exige.
Your car will be fine at KH, they don�t seem to have any sort of restrictions. The novice track days are great value and a great way of safely getting on track. when are you booked on, I’ll come up for a look.

You’ll be fine Rooney, especially if you have A039s. Their grip in the wet (even better with more than 3mm of tread) or dry is very good and should keep the balance correct. Don’t forget to check the oil level and tyre pressures and then just HAVE FUN!



The secret to your first track day is…

At first drive like you would on an unknown country road and DO NOT let any red-mist get in the way of your better judgement at anytime. I think that especially at a ‘novice’ day you will get a few drivers who will be out to prove something and drive beyond their limits… the only thing which will keep them on th etrack will be either luck or their own limit is way below the limit of their car.

If anyone bugs you or gets in your way, i’d recommend a drive thru’ the pits to let them clear off out of your way. I don’t know what kind of person you are but don’t let the exige drag you into a cock-fight…

But in anycase have fun - it will be impossible not to if you follow these simple rules… let us know when it is and we might pop along to see you.

Cheers lads, its next saturday at 9:30. Do you need to wear overalls and helmet? I’ve got my helmet from my biking days, will that be ok? Is it wise to get trackday insurance?

Yeh Dave the black one. I think my exhaust is starting to blow though, had the diffuser off today cause of the rattling sound at 1800rpm. the cat used to rub against the diffuser but thats away and also the heatshield in front of it has cut a 4 inch cut in the diffuser. Thought it might have been that but it isnt. The sound is coming from the silencer, you can hear it when the revs go up.

Your bike lid will be fine (as long as it’s post-war!).

Insurance is up to you. If you follow Rox’s advice you really should be fine.


I think my exhaust is starting to blow though,

the heatshield in front of it has cut a 4 inch cut in the diffuser.

Sounds like a good excuse to get a sports exhaust and maybe one of the Edwards boy diffusers while your at it .

If you hang around on Saturday there’s a Top marques track session in the afternoon, I’m not sure if I’m doing it yet, but I think Uldis is, I’m sure he’ll take you out for a few passenger laps and I can assure you it will be a real eye opener to see what the Exige is capable of.


Guys, thanks for the reminder, I just booked now.
19 places left, but they tend to go very quickly at a certain point.

And yes, as Dave says, stay for the 1-5pm session. If I was you I would book myself as well, as the novice session will have more instruction than actually driving and on the afternoon session you can apply everything learnt.

Very important: take some oil with you. The VHPD drinks oil at the track, and you may need to top off.

See you there.

If there’s a free space I might do do it. Depends on getting paid, self employment is s**t sometimes. Have you seen the weather forecast for the weekend? Possibility of snow!


Let me have your email address and I’ll send through a couple of pics I got of you yesterday.


[email protected]

Thanks Dave, I’ve sent you an email but just in case you dont its [email protected]