Not that I ever left.....

But I’m coming back :thumbup:

Nice one Ade, clue?

It’s like you never left.

No clues yet, it might all fall through…

When will me know?

Mid next week I hope

Hope it all works out Ade. :+1:


Come to Lotus in the Peak!

Have you bought Clive’s S1 ade :wink:

Great news!

Exciting, welcome back :thumbup:

Didn’t know that was still for sale?

Well tomorrow afternoon should be delivery time, again fingers crossed because there has been other false starts…

Can’t wait to see what this is! :thumbup:


Right then ade :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Well I can officially say I am now back in possession of my old car, sadly for Lee he had to part company with it and luckily for me I was able to find the money to buy it back

Wow, that’s a result! Well done, welcome back in full👍

Great news Ade :thumbup:

Thought I recognised it! Glad you have the Exige back :+1: