not sure about ride heights

I was measuring the ride heights on my exige yesterday and found them to be varying from manual.
122mm front both sides.
122mm nearside rear
130mm offside rear
I only use the car on the road, can anyone help with telling me what the standard setup should be.
car feels a bit strange at moment. do I have to remove the shock to alter the adjustable platforms?

Manual says 112mm front 122mm rear, best to leave shocks on as it will take a while to get the ride height correct, and will require many minor adjustments. Check and re check corners as one effects the other.

cheers for that, r the platforms the only way to adjust height and will I need spring compressors as they seem to be solid at moment.

Platforms are the main way, short of redrilling the mounting holes or fitting adaptor plates…

If you jack up the car the load on the springs goes down, enabling you to adjust usually… so it is trial and error essentially

thanks again, does one turn equate to so many mm’s, I pressume lowering the platform lowers the car by shortening spring. sorry for all the questions A1

Dont forget the “mid laden” comment - so you need to check heights with weight in the car - so half a tank of fuel and one person ( or thereabouts )