Not long now!

Hey, think ive found a buyer for my teg, so fingers crossed and i should be a proud owner of an s1 exige.

Couple of questions for you guys who know what your talking about:

Anything specifically i should look out for when looking at one?

Any recommendations?

My mates just brought an 03 sti ppp, just wondering how the exige would compare in a straight line, i know the exige is seriousely quick on track, just wondering about straight line speed really? Although it wouldnt bother me if it wasnt as quick, these cars are soooo f*cking gorgeous!

would be very grateful for your thoughts

all the best


The only recommendation is that you should buy mine

The car isn’t about straightline speed. A PPP Scoob will beat a std. car in a straight line. Take one to a track like Donington and it’ll walk all over an Impreza.

Or you could plop a Honda/Audi engine in and leave everything for dust.

haha, yours is definately the right colour!

thats interesting, i had a blast against him with the teg and he didnt beat me by much, really kept pulling after 80, but i found the teg in a different league round the bends! they slide a bit too much.

wont put me off tho, ive got my heart set on one! cant wait!

thanks matey!


S1s hit a drag ‘barn door’ after about 110mph and they’re no good off the line. But oh how David is right! Get it to a track and you will be amazed by pace an Exige runs at. By lunchtime you’ll be looking at it in a new light having discovered our light ‘secret’. Along with the Scoobies, drivers of Porsches, Ferraris and BWMs that may have sneered at your ‘little Lotus’ in the morning won’t be talking to you any longer.


Ian, disagree completely about “no good off the line”. I competed in several sprints and the Exige was as good as anything else off the start. Sprints measure the first 64ft.

Maybe you could try spinning the tyres to get some heat. Then 4000rpm, drop the clutch and floor the throttle.


Now Adam, there’s ‘off the line’ and ‘OFF THE LINE’!

I agree using your approach it’s not at all bad (although I wonder what’s going to go pop each time) but in a race against a Scooby at traffic lights, where you don’t want to use the ‘side step clutch’ method, you’re going to lose.

From 30mph it’s a different story though, as it’s so light it scampers away. The lack of torque means your spleen never hurts though, shame that (although that can be fixed with a Super Charger ).


Stop the side-stepping the clutch thing.
You’re not meant to do that.
Not as in “the car suffers”, but it just doesn’t use the full potential of the engine.

Modulation is the key, engaging the engine with the clutch at the proper torque point for as long as you need (in tenths of a second).
The bad thing is that the Exige’s clutch slips and burns, even the AP “race” one.
Not very strong.

some really interesting views there, thanks! Im definately going to track i think, had planned to track my elise but never got round to it.

What i find interesting the most is that from a rolling start it would scamper away, i like it! I mean it always going to be hard beating a 300bhp 4 wheel drive off the line, so anywhere close, id be happy.


Maybe “drop the clutch” is the wrong way to describe it. I don’t mean side step ie let the pedal spring back up. Keep your foot on the pedal and let it up.
In the sprint where the start is so important, I don’t remember any Quattro or single seater with soft rubber being much different to the Exige.