Northern convoy to Lotus Launch anyone?

Hi folks,
I can’t make Brands tomorrow unfortunately but do intend to take our VVVIP passes to Shelsley Walsh on Sunday in the little orange monster to see the new Lotus Circuit Car. Anyone going from Oop North fancy meeting up?
PS Good luck Russ

Was wondering whether to go to Shelsley. What time you going, I’m in Elise about 50 mins from Manchester centre?

I’m heading down for a stopover at stafford sat, & finish the journey sun. Could meet up somewhere?


Thommo: sorry you can’t make it. Tim: thanks, but it looks like you’re on the m… mm… mmmmot… sorry, can’t say it, the M-word, and will already be most of the way there. My little orange monster is allergic to m-words and so I was rather hoping to have a fun run down the A/B-roads and arrive from the north/west direction, so looks like it’ll be best to meet there.

looks like I won’t make it now…which is a real disappointment for me. Unless i do the round trip on the sunday (500mls ).

Thanks Thommo (for the PM) & Lord W.


No convoy for me, as I’m in the midlands, and I’m without a Lotus for a few days (). But it would be nice to meet up with some fellow Exigers while I’m there.

Anyone else going from Midlands area.

I’ll be heading over from Leamington Sunday am.

Con McL

Leaving from Kineton about 8.00am.