North West Meet

This Wednesday, Wrights Arms, Belmont.TONY - DO NOT FORGET! [image][/image]

Thanks Russ! I don’t know if you’re planning to take your better half, but if you’re going solo, I may have an empty passenger seat if you’re interested… [image][/image]

Tony, I would be only too pleased to be your observer, it is probably the only chance I will get to ride in a Diablo in this lifetime!Shall I meet you, say M6/65 ish?ps, Do you know of a purple Diablo in the Chorley area? Asian lad driving it, and he fancied his chances, but I did not want to embarass him [image][/image]

Russ, give me a call when you have a minute between appointments. As for purple Diablos (I suspect you mean Viola, but let’s not split hairs) I can probably tell you the owner if you know the exact model, as there are only four in the country; it also depends when it was. Until recently, the only two Viola SE30s in the UK belonged to Jay Kay (he of Jamiroquai fame) and me; there’s also one Viola Roadster and one Viola SV. Jay Kay can look a little dark when he’s not had a shave, but I’m not sure I’d say that dark! [image][/image]