North West Lotus Owners

After a successful Lancs Run on 23rd Sept, lots of people have asked if they can get involved in a North West group to have regular meetings and runs and to generally keep in touch with other Lotus owners in the area.As a result, I am organising a get together for people who are interested, to decide as a group, about where and when to have meets, runs, etc. I will not be the owner of the group, but I am taking the initiative, to try and start the ball rolling.The initial meet will be on Wednesday 17th October at THE WINWICK QUAY, on the A49 at Winwick, near Warrington, at 8pm. If you need directions, please e-mail me. If only 2 or 3 people turn up then I’ll take it that people aren’t interested and probably knock the idea on the head. So if you are interested, please make the effort to attend this meeting, even if you might find it difficult to make some of the monthly meets. That way, your suggestions could be heard before anything is decided. Thanks in advance to everybody who makes an effort to turn up, SOOTY

I’ll try to be there. [image][/image]

OK - I seem to have chosen a bad date on Weds 17th October. So I have 3 other suggestions. If EVERYBODY interested can e-mail me or post on this thread with their preferred date or dates by 5:00pm on Thursday I will reschedule and confirm time and venue.1) Sunday 14th October 2) Saturday 20th October3) Sunday 21st OctoberPlease help me out as this is starting to drive me mad !!!Thanks, SOOTY.

  1. Sunday 14th OctoberMaybe in the evening, but not a good date for me.>> 2) Saturday 20th October>> 3) Sunday 21st OctoberBoth possible at the moment.I’ll try to fit in with the rest. [image][/image]