North Weald activity day?

I have just been on one and for �35 was fantastic value.

Wondered if we could get 20 Exiges on one?

Activity Days at North Weald

I would be up for it…Last one I did was good sideways fun/value.

Sounds like a good idea, def up for it.

Well that’s 3 anyway. May need a few more or we could just book up on one anyway.

I was there on the 8-10-7, i’m up for another one.

Count me in

I would be up for it too…

I am trying to get details from Carlimits but their phone is out of order at the moment. I’ll post up more once i hear from them.

I am having no luck in contacting them to work out how to arrange a club event. The other option is just to book up individually. There are dates available on the 9th and 23rd November.