North plasticsIn Greece...any experiences?

So as a new and enthusiastic S1 Exige owner, I’m following what is no doubt a well trodden path of trying to hunt down all the spicy bits my car is missing…

Numero Uno is the carbon Airbox.

Anyone any experiences with this company or infact the carbon critter itself?

Lotus Rover VHPD Airbox (

I’ve been in contact, €675 Euro Shipped…

Be aware that you will also be charged a harmonised code ( 10% depending on item ) plus VAT ( 20% ) plus a random handling charge!

You could get your plastic one wrapped😂

There are some s2 Exige seats on eBay from
freed. £1700 which is about right, not genuine s1. You will need the runners as well.

Yep, imagine I’m not going to get much change out of £750 at the end of it all! A lot when I have a box that does exactly the same thing today!

Something about s2 sports seats that just don’t look right in a series 1 car for me.

Corbeau LE pro looks very similar to the S1 seat, they may even be the same shell. Padding and fabric are different.

They can change the logo to Exige from Corbeau.

you can get the airboxes hydro dipped so they look right

Do you have any experience of this, or know someone who has?

not personally seen them but the pictures i saw on facebook looked pretty good. for the cost its probably worth a go

I am going to Greece this summer and I am thinking to visit the shop, because I am going to stay around 45 minutes from them.

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Well if you do we sure to get some snaps! They have been very easy to communicate with on email.

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I will! There are also others from Norway that like to buy some parts.