Nordschleife Lotus only trackday Aug 09

A friend of mine is organising this event for 2009.

N�rburgring Nordschleife Lotus-only Track Day (yes really!) - 3rd.Aug.09 (Mon)

August 2009 - exact date tbc

After having been a regular visitor to the Ring for public ‘touristenfahrten’ days since 2001 and watched it get ever busier and more dangerous, I’m finally making some headway in organising a private trackday.

As a keen Lotus owner, member of Lotus on Track since the start and current competitor in the Lotus On Track Elise Trophy, I know that if anyone can pull this off, we as a Lotus community can.

So, the question is, if I can secure a Lotus-only trackday at the Ring for sometime in August 2009 at a maximum cost of �595* (about �475 at today’s lousy exchange rates) per car for min 50 cars and hopefully less if we can attract (and are allowed) more cars up to say a maximum of 100, who’s up for it?

*By comparison, a 25 lap ticket for a public day costs �370 and you’re sharing the track with the complete spectrum of driver experience and machinery, many of whom have never been anywhere near a track before. Some may enjoy the additional ‘challenge’ of running up against everything from Ringmeisters flat-out in their GT3’s to coaches full of tourists whilst trying to avoid colliding with motorcyclists taking completely different lines and stopping distances to cars, but the accident statistics speak for themselves. I for one would gladly pay a premium to share this legendary circuit with people who’ve all had the same briefing (any briefing would be a novelty!), will treat other drivers with respect and (hopefully!) not drive like most of the muppets who seem to inhabit the place nowadays.

More details to follow once I can get an idea of numbers, although the exact dates won’t be released until sometime in November. I’m giving up work at the end of October to do something car related, so I’m happy to spend the time it’ll take to organise everything including hotel(s) and potentially crossings, plus extras like tuition and possibly even Lotus car hire.

Register your interest here…

I’d certainly be up for it!

I was actually looking to only go there on “track days” from now on, due to how busy it gets on public days.

If you can choose a day when there is a public day after, or a day after that would be good.

Final date will be announced when the 2009 dates for the NS are decided.

Yes they are planning to have it next to some TF so a few days driving in mind.

Sounds great I am interested as I was thinking of going anyway.

Sounds like Book-a-Track but with Lotus rental Damon? What’s going down D

Rob Beves and Ben Pitch are organising this (both Elise Trophy racers and seloc members). It is subject to the 2009 dates being confirmed, but is looking certain.

The only variable is the cost per car. It will be based on confirmed attendees.

Atm the costs look worth it. 1 day with the NS closed to us would be worth 2 or 3 tourist days IMO.


I am interested and I can talk to other italian Lotus owners

Nice one, 106 people registered already.

I’m registered for - it will be great if if they can get a proper track day at the 'Ring.


Just put my name down

What’s the latest on this?


What’s the latest on this?


It’s definitely going ahead, see

I’ve booked and am really looking forward to it There is two hours track time on the Nurburgring GP circuit on the Thursday evening (5:00pm to 7:00pm), followed by a Nordschliefe guided tour and then an evening meal. The main event is then 8:00am to 1:00pm closed track day on the Nordschlife, the first hour is in groups and then it is open pitlane.


Holy [censored]!

I’m doing Spa with JonnyFox on Mon / Tues, and were then planning to head to the Ring for Tues / Wed.

So it, might as well stay for this too

another one paid up…

see you there on the thursday night…