Noisy Gearbox

Hi people
Has anyone else noticed a ‘chattering’ noise from the gearbox between 3000 and 5000 rpm when you come off the throttle and let the gearbox take the strain. It sounds very ‘geary’ if you know what I mean. If you dip the clutch the noise stops so it must be something within the box.

I’ve noticed when pushing it on the track, back-offing too sharply (especially in the wet) can make the engine rock, upsetting the balance. I don’t notice any gearbox noise but suspect both could be cured by one of Geary’s engine steady bars. Possibly worth the extra cabin vibration if you only really use it on the track.



It’s totally normal for the gearbox to “whine” on the overun when you back off - especially in 5th gear. Not sure if “chattering” is the same as “whining” though!


My wife has the answer to this problem…

If she is talking it is chattering…

If I am talking it is whining…

Mr Lane

Superb response - most amusing