Noisy car!!!

Am getting a loud vibration from engine bay when driving along. Mostly occurs between 2500 and 3500 revs, when it actually booms quite loudly at times. Car has had 190 upgrade, retaining standard exhaust. Any ideas?

Buy some ear-plugs, this is not a Merc!!I cannot say for sure but I would assume that it will be noisy and vibrate a bit, I am waiting on the 190 Upgrade but my car is very noisy and vibrates a lot without the upgrade!! :wink:

Rear undertray was loose. Have tightened up now, much better. NO need for earplugs now.

Definately not normal noise, I know what a good Lotus should sound like.X46NNO, don’t worry mate, Merc 500 in garage, Aston Vantage due in Sept.

Sorry if u took it the wrong way I was only joking, glad you got it sorted though! I will have to keep an eye on my undertray as well I guess.What Aston u getting the DB7 Vantage or just the Vantage?!Sorry againPeter

DB7 VANTAGE, be a couple of months yet, but will be worth the wait. Get that on the track with the Lotus!!!Don’t worry about it mate, just had hard day thats all.

When I still had my Elise even the better of the mechanics nearly gave up sorting TERRIBLE transmission noises. But actually even those “transmission noises” were a loose undertray! Have yours checked everyone who thinks his gearbox is too noisy.

Kam when is the next goodwood day? give me a bell and we will get a run out sorted. We need to get Logic out to play.

sniff I remember when Astons were real Astons, hand built in Newport Pagnell, rather than in some dodgy TWR warehouse somewhere… Ford switchgear on an �80K car… it’s enough to make you cry.My Mum used to work for Aston in the 70’s, and used to bring home literature with “Aston Martin, a David Brown company” emblazoned on it… which was rather cool, considering that’s my name too.I reckon those leather-bound brochures of DB5’s etc are worth quite a bit now…Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be…Still, it’s a stonking car in it’s own right.

David,Would the ‘real Astons’ include the Lagonda?I used to live in Northampton and work near Newport Pagnell. Quite a sight driving past AM and looking at all the cars lined up ready for delivery.I think I could find room in my garage for a V12 Vanquish, though if we are talking ‘re-badged Fords’ the new car from Noble looks nice too.

When you say Lagonda, you’re referring to that awful early 80’s wedge ? Or are you referring to the Lagondas of old ?I remember when the early 80s Lagonda was launched at Woburn Abbey, and they had to push it on to the stand. Allegedly, the car was a nightmare from start to finish. The electronic dash would have looked at home in the KnightRider car.

Thats the one; the 80’s Lagonda, what a mess. I’d heard that the dash was a bit of a fire hazzard. For those that don’t know what David and I are talking about: Lagonda Page

quote:For those that don’t know what David and I are talking about…We know all right, we’d just rather forget! [image][/image]