About a week ago I removed the CAT from my exhaust system. The car is an S1 and has the lotus? stainless steel exhaust system (fitted by B&C about 2 years ago). The exhaust was quite noisey (but nice) before I took the cat out & this weekend was the first real drive since I removed the cat. It has made the car incredibly noisey especially at around 3000 to 4500rpm when under part or full throttle, also the ‘nice’ exhaust note has become very coarse in this rev band… Is this usual for a de-catted exhaust system? At the moment, the whole of hampshire can hear me take the car out for a blatt!Cheers, Steve

Sounds strange. When I de-catted my S1 it didn’t make that much difference to the noise or the performance, it just improved both by a small amount. [image][/image]

Sounds about right. Our old 135 Elise with a SS cat replacement pipe and an SS competition exhaust is noticeably louder than our Exige with Supersports/cat replacement above 4000rpm.

In agreement with Tony, I can’t remember a major change in noise levels just an improvement.FYI recently had my B&C ss exhaust and cat rep sound tested and it came in at 86db (45degree 1metre @ 4,500rpm). A S2 with a BrookeKen only got to 87… Stuartps Roadkarter are you still down in Farnboro? could meet at Ely to compare

Stu,I have moved to Andover now - but still within 30mins of the Ely, so yes please I’d definitely be interested in a comparison before I get a reputation for driving an ‘essex boys’ car [image][/image] [image][/image] If you are nearer to Andover direction maybe we could meet up somewhere else… Steve

The Janspeed competition exhaust I had was very loud after the cat was removed (NOT the normal sports exhaust btw).Aparantly my Exige has been measured at 99dB and like I said, our Elise was louder.

Steve,I’m in Yateley but I’m more than happy to explore the roads past Basingstoke. Any ideas of a mtg placeStu

Stu - Basingstoke is about the only place I can think off that it inbetween the two that would be suitable. Problem is that from Basingstoke to Andover there is either the A303 (yawn, boring etc) or the B3400 which is a nice road but full of 40mph zones and no-where to stop. Don’t mind really… Steve

I know the b3400 very well… excellent road for avoiding the traffic jams on A303/M3 over the summer months!the only pub name I can think of on the b3400 is the Watership Down inn between Whitchurch and Overton. 7.30 tonight?

Yeah - why not. See you there for 7:30!Steve

Stu - I maybe a few minutes late but I will be there!!Steve

Boys, if you’re in the area checkout the A339 from Baskingstoke to Alton. It’s not far from jct 6 and it’s well worth half an hour (there and back, or carry on round to Odiham and back to jct 5) to enjoy.I’m told the police like to catch bikers there so don’t go mad but you shouldn’t need to to enjoy it!Ian [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by IDG:I’m told the police like to catch bikers thereFWIW we have friends in Alton and the police around there are fond of radar traps so be careful. [image][/image]

Apologies Steve,Got stuck in a mtg until 7.00. Perhaps tonight?A339 - brings back memories of my first lotus encounter of the Police! Luckly they had the radar pointing the other way (still got pulled over for a “chat” though)

Stu - Don’t worry about last night, I enjoyed the drive anyway [image][/image] may have to get back to you on tonight tho - I may be about to be made redundant [image][/image] Steve

Steve, how did you get on today?I’m away from the office(ie Internet…) now until next week. Drop me a line on [email protected][This message has been edited by Stu_H (edited 24 April 2002).]