Noise Test Required .........Where?

Can anyone tell me of a rolling road tunning company in Bucks that has a noise meter .Im off to goowood at the end of the month and im not sure if my car will be under the 98db noise limit and i want to find out my bhp

I believe Book-a-track can hire you one. Try their site.

I tested my exige today at goodwood, 190 + decat + sports exhaust. Revved up to 5200 rpm (just tell them your redline is at 7000 rpm!), it registered 102 db. I,m going to be there on Monday, it,s a loud day, 105db limit. Last year tested at 96db with cat but same set up, only to comply with 98db limit.Hope this helps, also you might try a silenced decat pipe, details are somewhere on another topic here, available from Haydon Cars in Salisbury.

Don’t most mot stations need a noise tester?

IIRC, a car can fail an MoT test if it’s considered too loud compared to what would be considered reasonable for that type of car, but no accurate measurements are taken.But I may be wrong.

I’ve just replaced my seriously blown exhaust (105+db) with a well packed exhaust from those nice Haydon people. Tested at Kemble Friday at 91db.Doesn’t feel like it’s sucking power either.