Noise Meter

Any one know where I can get my car noise tested? After the mods, driving it today, if its under 100db I’ll eat out!

Just booked November track days and looking for some Octobers but may need to get a cat pipe off Jim or swap the induction back!

I understand Bookatrack will loan you one (via post) for about a tenner.

Or I bought one of these for about 30 quid.


Be warned though, it’s not an exact science as the surrounds, temp, wind, etc all play a part.


A little loud is it

Let me know what trackdays you were think of in October fancy coming down for 2 over fri sat or something.

sounds great but it is a wee loud as you guys say! Jims preparing the silencer as we speak.

Thanks Ian…I’ll give bookatrack a ring!

Jamie on the track days I’ve booked 2 in november and just noticed a Saturday Bedford open pit lane I think the 14th October? �175

If thats poss/prob for you I’ll try and get a pass out and book it? If thats a goer we should cross post and see if we can get a group going!