Noise level

Has anyone had there car noise tested with cat replacement pipe and Janspeed exhaust? If so what was the reading?I’m due to the first track day tomorrow with this set up and have realised there is a noise limit of 105dB, am I likely to be sent home?BTW its still running at 177hpAny answers appreciated!!Thanks, DJ[This message has been edited by insane-dj (edited 25 October 2002).]

Assuming it’s a static test, you should be okay, as they measure the noise at anything between 4500 & 5500 rpm - depends on what “they” reckon the max rpm is!!! Perhaps not worth volunteering that max rpm is aroound 8000 though!!!

Thanks Pesky,Mine will red line at 6500, honest [image][/image]I think I’ll just keep those revs down as low as possible!DJ

The noise levels are also dependant on the weather, bright sunny days bring my noise levels to 97db. Cold, overcast morning brought it up to 103db. Both readings at 5500 rpm.

Interesting, tomorrow is cold and wet so probably going to be at the high end. Although I’ll be testing at around 4000 - 4500 rpm, so should be ok!Thanks, DJ

After all that, didn’t even get tested!

[image][/image]Where was it, & did you enjoy yourself??? [image][/image]

Bassingbourne, excellent day, good layout, good mix of cars.Couldn’t catch the ex race 220hp Caterham, funny that! The rest, Ferrari, Porsche, Suburu, Mitsubishi - breakfast [image][/image]

How do they measure the dB rating at these circuits? - set distance from exhaust? - interested as have access to a sound level meter and would like to test.

I think its at an angle of 45 degrees and one metre away for the static test at normally 3/4 of max revs.

Finally got a noise test at Brands - 101dB!