Noise Level

Does anyone know what the db level is for a standard S1 Exige (170) with standard exhaust?

If the baffles haven’t gone, it should be under 100dB. In your shoes I’d probably chance a 98dB day.

Sorry but you’re unlikely to get a much better answer than that because it depends on so much.


Mine is standard except for the sports cat and I tested at 98db last weekend

I was ~95 at Croft yesterday with a standard 177 and silenced cat pipe…

my 190 is 103db (all standard), think it might need some attention

thanks fot that. Hopefully i won’t have a problem at Donninton this Friday!!

My standard S1 was98 at Bedford , 94 at goodwood…???/ depends on weather and meter calibration. Standard zort should be ok everywhere .(I hope)