Noise Level Question

Any ideas what db will be getting with Janspeed Sports Exhaust (the one with the offset backbox and oval tailpipe)
with either standard cat peipe of silenced cat pipe ??

Anyone got this combination as the baffles have gone in standard exhaust, as is usual I understand, and I can get this exhaust really cheap but want to keep the noise levels down as much as I can.

The Janspeed Supersports with an Eliseparts silenced cat pipe is about 96/97 dba new and about 100dba when the Janspeed is on its last legs - with just a cat pipe add about 6 dba


Powerspeed rear box with Eliseparts SCRP - 93/4 dba new …

what you recommend Andy as I was going to change the standard one for lotus sports (oval pipe) or should i be considering the janspeed one

Janspeed supersports on ours was measured at 108dB


With CRP I guess … I can beleive it the older they get …

Steve - the Lotus Super Sports and Janspeed are the same part … both made by Janspeed !

I bought a rear box thats repackable from Powerspeed - its the same one Uldis has - OK so far …

Andy. I understand both Lotus and Janspeed have oval pipes but i thought the Janspeed has 2 circular pipes within the oval or am i getting confused with another product?
Cheers Steve


The Janspeed I had had one pipe that fed into a single oval end piece - I’m very sure that is the Lotus Super Sports exhaust - the just “sports” had a twin pipe exit but was for the Elise ( i think …) and thus the tail pipe is too short for longer Exige bodywork …

I’ve got the Janspeed supersports (that what on the invoice from Nick Whales) which is the single oval pipe plus I’ve taken the cat off and have fitted the bypass pipe.

It is very loud which I think suits the looks of the car on road ( ) but causes a number of problems at tracks. Had it noise tested as per the MSA regualtions by a friend i.e 2/3 revs, 5500 rpm and it was 104.8 db after 800 miles of the exhaust being fitted. That precludes it from a number of tracks


Con McL.

Do people think that having a high flow sports Cat on with the Janspeed exhaust will lower the DB’s for track days opposed to a Cat bypass pipe.


Yep ! it will reduce it - not sure how much but probably 8 dba or so …

Thanks Andy and others for the input - it’s going this wednesday for the work and to have A048’s put on ready for Donnington next Sunday

As far as I know the Janspeed I’ve bought hasn’t done long on the car so I’m hoping with the Silenced Cat Pipe to keep it below 100db as mostly try to book “loud” days but still want to be able to do Bedford GT Circuit which is 101db last time I checked

Thanks again.