Noise at Donny

Might be worth checking the noise limits for Wednesday - I was up there today and they seem to be getting pretty strict. It was 98dB drive by - unfortunately my sports cat broke on Wednesday so had to run with a straight through pipe, and I was making 104… Fortunately a mate was there with a cat and we changed it over, but I had to take it very easy past the two test areas - very frustrating… For reference they are i) on the outside of the exit of the Esses (or Goddards I think it is called) depending on which circuit you are using and ii) on the right by the bluebird bridge.

Quite entertaining today - the drift school boys were out…


Hi Mark

Weds 24th Sept is a “noisey day”, so we’ll all be okay

I take it that today was a trackday organised by the circuit? No doubt you were there to “practice” for 11th October - we look forward to seeing you again, with the rest of the LRSS guys & gals