No track days for the foreseeable.....

Booked :frowning:

I hate you all, especially S2 owners with superchargers, followed closely by S1 owners with superchargers…not too far behind German engined turbo transplant über Gay types :wink: and S3 owners who think they are all that AND those who insist on calling me Mr bloody Fox :smiley: …it’s f*****g Jonny :mrgreen:

:laughing: Why no track days?.

Building a Force Induction Exocet :thumbup:

Have you moved to North Korea. :mrgreen:
The Summer is here it is time to ignore all family commitments and get back to throwing copious amounts of money at the project. :stuck_out_tongue:

PMSL. Was that you walking around your garage or the paddock. :clap:

I love that movie TC, make a great garage lol.

Are you saying you are Kim Jon Il :laughing:

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get busy with yer dremmel and sort it out bitch :smiling_imp:

So basically you’re declaring your love for me Jonny? :stuck_out_tongue:

:blush: well you’re a very very nice man lol

Tell me you haven’t relented?

Nope :wink:


the magic dragon?

And me :smiley:

Yea baby.

Sadly I think Tim will be joining this thread soon :frowning:

meh, here I am.

You won’t be here for long bud,…you’re a day-patient compared to some of the guys on this ward :laughing:

Lol - quality !