No Silverstone

Chaps, I’m very sorry to say it’s looking very unlike there will an outing to Silverstone this year.

As most of you will be aware, Octagon was bought by Jonathan Palmer recently, which included all of their tracks other than Silverstone. As EVOactive don’t want to go to Silverstone this year, OnTrack/Palmer cannot justify the [color:“red”]�26,000[/color] Silverstone are charging to hire the track for a day!

I believe the cost for the Brands GP circuit is also very high, so most days there will be the Indy format.

Now, hopefully this will change when the circuit’s revenues plummet, and I’ll be able to come back to you. But for now I’m very sorry to have raised your hopes.

Sadly, if it’s not insurance companies pushing up the cost of trackdays it looks like it’s greedy circuit owners.


Ahh well IDG it was a great idea - we shall see what free-markets bring us… I was rather looking forward to the prospect of cheap Silverstone.

I wonder if Michael O’Leary fancies buying any race-tracks …

As far as I’m aware Silverstone isn’t and has never been owned by Octagon, it’s always been owned by a conglomerate of motor nuts, I forget the name but they’ve always owned it and I doubt they’ll every let it go TBH.

Still bummer that there’s no days there

You’re right up to a point in that Silverstone is owned by the BRDC, but they lease it to Octagon (who operate it now through a new company called Silverstone Motorsports Ltd. since JP bought the other Octagon circuits). Octagon still own the rights to the British GP and are the promoters/organisers of that event.