No Exiges at Donington - except mine in the car park

Popped over to see Tommyracer taking the MGZR round Donnie but the track was so greasy and he only had slicks - not much prep for the series next year then.

No other Exiges there (apart from a rental one), but I hear a few were there the day before, including C1RVY. How was it, Simon? I guess similar conditions, although it stayed dry in the afternoon I guess. Sorry I couldn’t get over to see you, mate - busy day at home.

Roll on Spring & Anglesey!


Few of the MLOC guys were there Mark. I meant to make it up there myself but got a bit lazy :blush:

You could have tried out those new wheels jonny :wink:

I know I know but I need to order some tyres off Dave first… Actually I’ll do just that! :wink:

Hi Mark. Sorry we didn’t get a meet up.

It was interesting day Saturday - slippery as owt in the morning - I was letting Boxsters past me, oh the indignity of it!!

Come the afternoon, quite dry & we could start to go for it. Got even with the Boxsters & had some good tussles with another Exige. By the last session it was full beans & although it was cold - the grip was just about there. Biggest problem for me was that the day finished so early Gandhis hadn’t even opened!!!

Good fun again though mate, certainly looking forward to summer again ( and Anglesey )!

Anglesey………… YES!

We may need a preparatory Donny/Gandhis combo before-hand though, just to get our eye in! :wink:

I was thinking exactly the same to be honest!

Will check to Donny days but have got a new contract with Vodafone in Luxembourg starting 6th Jan for a “few months”……


Wow. Sounds exciting. Hopefully we’ll still see you around in the interim??

Good call. I’ll check that out.

Good lad, Jonny!!! :clap: :clap:


Good lad, Jonny!!! :clap: :clap:[/quote]

Whooops, Benja…. :blush: :blush: :blush:

No problem…roll-on next year.