No 8 (new car content)

I wasn’t planning on changing my car but kept finding myself looking at a sports racer on pistonheads. A quick email to the dealer thus confirming I couldn’t afford it ended in disaster yesterday with a round trip to Murrys! I have to say they have been very professional and made everything far to easy! I now have this in my garage. Its 18month old ex factory car.

Gav :sunglasses:

THAT… is very nice…

Only a matter of time me thinks… :wink:

Nice purchase sir.

Looks great - nice one matey :clap:

Cheers Lads, I’m liking it. Between the grey paint and the standard exhaust is definitely more subtle (ish).


Love the colours Gav, stunning.

Love the look of that!!

Do I not like that - looks very nice Gav - business must be good :smiley:


Well done Gav, I assume it is an ‘S’? You will find Murray a great bunch to deal with :smiley:

Great colour combo Gav. :clap:

Is the standard exhaust on the new car quieter than the 2bular on your last one then?

Classy :sunglasses:

Looks great Gav, enjoy :thumbup:

Liking that a lot.

Yummy! Soooooo shiny. Great colours. :smiley:

EFA :laughing:

Thanks for all the comments, yes it’s an S Tim. As for the exhaust it’s definitely quieter than my tubular which unfortunately I couldn’t swap over. I will enjoy it how it is for now and maybe give Jim a call in the new year. It feels a lot more solid and refined. Simon works ok thanks but it purely down to the solid evora second hand prices and the equity I had in the car, I’m not complaining though!.


Very nice , I like the interior .

:laughing: that was a while ago. Best not to draw attention to yourself. The flames mine is currently spitting are spoiling the stealth factor.

Now I’ve seen it on a bigger screen,it looks even better.Top choice

Bloody SpecSavers! :smiley: