Has anyone considered adding a nitrous oxide injection kit to their Exige? Seems to be some info out there about taking the standard K series and adding nitros (on the Elise). I can not find any info on the VHPD and the use of Nitrous kits. The basic idea of a Nitros Oxide injection sounds like a good way to get a few extra bhp without increasing the engine�s rpm. And only when you need it !!! I�m toying with the idea of getting the the Street-blaster 100i from

Leon,I am seriously investigating it (and have been for ages now) but haven’t quite got round to it. I have an Elise without the VHPD & to be quite honest with you - I thought I would be pushing my luck a little on a 140bhp K series let alone one with 190bhp! The site you mention is the one I will use when I do it, but what I can tell you is that there is a couple of MGF owners with the 160trophy engine (same as the sport 160 elise) with 50bhp of nitrous on & running reliably (they do have the progressive controllers). The weak spot on these engines is the headgaskets and the ‘lands’ on the pistons because they are so small howeever, the VHPD has better pistons anyway I believe??? Im sure someone will correct me if Im wrong tho.I am going to start with the 25bhp jets & a progressive controller & maybe goto 50bhp eventually but Im not going to get too greedy!Let me know if you decide to do it & I will keep you posted - I reckon it would be fantastic. [image][/image]Steve

Fitted a NOS Kit to my bike a couple of years back - it is absolutely mental - great fun and p*** easy to fit. Go for it guys !

Highpower systems - These guys have not done a VHPD nitrous injection before, makes me a bit nervous. Maybe I will stay content with current set-up, which to be fair does not really need NOS. Out of interest � I�m not sure what the 240 bhp Lotus K series engine their on about is. I thought the 200 bhp K in the motorsport elise was the top end.FYI

leon - there are plenty of 1.8 Rover Kseries in Elises, Caterhams pushing out towards 250 and 260bhp. Gets very expensive and not particularly reliable though…