Nitrons - settings for road use

Could anyone recommend damper settings for road use? I am currently running 10 clicks from full hard at the front and 13 rear, which seems to be a good compromise. The spring rates are 350/425. It would be interesting to know what other people have found from experimenting.


I’d say too soft at the rear relative to the front, I always found a 1 or 2 click difference front to rear worked well with the rear being stiffer.

With stiffer 400/475 springs I run 5 front 4 rear from full stiff, does make it a bit bouncy on country lanes though

I’m running 11/14 with 400/500 springs. Its a bit over damped at that to be honest but the springs are still too soft for track work so the stiff shocks go a small way to compensate for that.

Trouble with the Exige is the low ride height and tall wheels c.ock up the suspension geometry so you need to run really stiff to compensate.

With 325/400 springs I’m running ( from full hard ) - 14 and 12 ( rear harder ) and that works fine - I did run softer but prefer this setting now …

Thank you all for the advice. Mark, is there any reason why rear should be stiffer than front? I thought that having rear slightly softer enables you to get better traction out of corners (especially on bumpy country lanes!)

Did some high speed braking tests an a Walshy day and I can guarantee that harder rears makes for a far better brake balance at least

Depends on the car… driven a few Exiges now and none have been quite the same.