Nitron vs Eibach springs

Anybody got any advice re comparisons of these springs.
I plan to up-rate to 400/475 as per Mark’s recomendations.
Nitron are pushing Eibach…possibly because they are twice as much???
Doubt if a dozy driver like me would know any difference.?

ebach last longer and retains the spring tension better/longer.

I have Nitron springs on my car and they are now almost 4 years old and are knackered.

I’ll be going for Eibach springs in the new year.

Clive, as a % of the cost of Nitrons the Eibach upgrade is worth the extra ��� IMHO.

Very happy with mine.

Mr Ecclestone
The standard LSS set up uses Koni shocks and Eibach springs so i would go with Eibach’s. I’m running them on the Racing Dynamics set up at the moment. Just my NZ opinion. Regards Jez

Eibach it is then
Thanks guys…see you all next season with Lighter springs and lighter wallet