Nitron v Racing Dynamics

Thinking of changing worn/sloppy LSS, tried Leda before and pleased with results.

Does anyone have any thoughts comparing Nitron with Racing Dynamics?

Nitron …

Everything else is either :

  • Not good enough
  • Too expensive and overkill to set up

Thought the same. Racing Dynamics approx twice the price and wondered if this could be justified.

Where’s the best deal for Nitrons?

Go to Nitron direct and talk with Guy …

Just repeating what everyone said when i asked and now saying it to, Nitrons, or alternatively Nitrons

after much research i went for the nitrons as well, not the outboard adjustable one’s though as i figured they would take ages to get right. They seemed to know there potatoes as for as damping went, and seem very helpful should you have any queries.

Now just the anxious wait until they arrive. I’ll check the post box again.