Nitron loveliness

In the interest of testing out the new site and a genuine question…

Christmas is coming early for me (sorry for mentioning the C word while it’s still autumn).

I’ll be getting Nitron NTR Fast Road 40mm. I wasn’t originally planning on doing this but my shocks are getting a bit older and I needed new steering arm gaiters and track rod ends which would mean a geo. So by the power of man maths getting the Nitrons at the same time means I will be saving doing a second geo and getting new oem bilsteins is not far off the cost of Nitrons. Hence a good watertight, compelling case to get them! Genius! I don’t have a PhD in Blokenomics for nothing.

Needless to say, I’m very excited. I had Nitrons put on my old Vx220 15 years ago and loved them then.

Am curious what to expect now with the Exige. Will they be filling rattlers or is it pretty compliant when on less stiffer settings similar to the ride of the Billsteins.

I don’t do many track days hence not the club sport.

They do look a thing of beauty, I might just frame them :grin:

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What spring rates have you gone for? The spring rate will determine the teeth rattling ability. The dampers are adjustable too.

My clubsports had better road manners than the OE Bilsteins.

Good question Andy, I have left that in the safe hands of BackonTrack. I think it will be the standard Nitron recommend…

standard spring rates for this kit are 425 lbs/" front, 550 lbs/" rear

Are these generally accepted as a good rate?

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They will be fine I am sure!

Wow, that is amazing. Why did you choose the Clibsport over the Fast Road, what would you say is the difference?

The only differences between the models are spring rates and maybe the damping range, but there will be a huge overlap so that a fast road could be upgraded to stiffer springs, or vice versa.

I ran CS as I did lots of trackdays, but as I say they also were more composed on the road too so for me the fast road ones are just a redundant middle ground.

I dare say you won’t go far wrong with either, and may even struggle to tell the difference on back to back drives between CS and FR :sweat_smile:

I fitted the Fast Road to mine - just a nice improvement over the standard Bilsteins and when I go on track I have the damping set pretty firm if the weather is dry and the car feels amazing! Very happy with them for both road and track use :+1:

When set hard does it corner pretty flat with little to no body roll on the Fast Road ones?

There are a few things to consider here. You are adjusting the damping which isnt always directly correlated to the roll.

In my experience the roll is controlled more by the anti roll bar than the damping and spring rate.

Harder damping reduced the rate of body roll but does not eliminate it.

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Exactly as Andy says - I’ve still got some body roll (dramatically less, to be frank) but then I fitted an adjustable ARB which I can use to reduce that even further… To be honest, a little body roll kind of lets you know where you stand, but with the standard setup, there was a LOT, lol!

In summary - I don’t mind swapping to something different if I think that something is not living up to expectations… and I have never considered changing my suspension after fitting the Nitrons. I’m very happy with them for track use (although I’m no track god), and they seem an improvement over the Bilsteins on the road.

From what i remember the clubsport dampers have a lower rebound to compression ratio than the road spec dampers, suited better for tracks.

Give nitron a call to confirm though.

Fitting is tomorrow at BackonTrack.
I’m a bit excited to say the least.